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John Hodgman Superpackage Ragnarok Survival Kit

On December 21, 2012, author, comedian, and Daily Show contributor John Hodgman predicted that the world would end at midnight.

He gathered his followers to him on the shores of the Gowanus Canal to await their fate together. Unfortunately, apocalypse did not come.

But the document of that night, captured by director Lance Bangs, was later released as the acclaimed Netflix original comedy special, JOHN HODGMAN: RAGNAROK.

Now that the world has not ended, however, John Hodgman has found himself not merely heaped with shame, but also a surplus of unused RAGNAROK SURVIVAL KITS.

These special kits were designed by Hodgman himself to ensure the survival of the owner and the continuity of both human culture and John Hodgman himself in the event of major disaster.

ONLY 500 of these numbered and signed kits exist, and no other DVD copies shall be made available!

A SMALL PRICE TO PAY FOR A PIECE OF JOHN HODGMAN’S MUSTACHE, never mind a DVD, some mayonnaise, a working thumb drive with a secret video on it, a functioning flask with the word “Urine” engraved on it, and some actual, really beautiful unisex cologne.